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Carpet Cleaning

When your carpets need cleaned, you may be tempted to rent one of the do-it-yourself scrubbers at the grocery store or take your chances on a fly-by-night place you heard about from a neighbor. However, these options may have inferior results and may involve using chemicals that you may not feel comfortable having in your home. If you want organic carpet cleaning, we here at El Cerrito Carpet Cleaning will be happy to help you.

Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning for Health

In the past, many carpet cleaners were made out of harsh chemicals that could not only shorten the life of the carpeting but irritate allergies or cause breathing problems for those living in the home. With green carpet cleaning now being an option, you will never have to worry about wheezing and coughing after you’ve had the carpets cleaned. Your pets and small children can roll around on the floor without any concerns of chemical burns or irritating sensitive skin.

Green Carpet Cleaning for the Environment

In addition to being bad for your family and pets, some of the chemicals found in other carpet cleaning products can have a deleterious effect on the environment. As residents of El Cerrito, CA, well know, the San Francisco Bay is integral to many species of waterfowl, fish and crabs. The Pacific Harbor Porpoise just returned to its waters in 2009, after 65 years with no sightings. Forty percent of California drains their water into the Bay, so it’s important to consider what we put down the drain. Our green cleaning agents help protect marine life and their habitat from chemical pollution.

If you need carpet care and want to keep your family, pets and the environment safe from harsh chemicals, give us a call at (510) 210-5080. We’ll be happy to accommodate your needs and get you scheduled for an eco friendly carpet cleaning today!


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